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MLB Opening Day

March 31, 2008


 With it officially being spring, although not feeling like it yet (40 degrees and raining here in NJ today), today brings around one of the yearly traditions that makes sports so fucking cool.  Opening day in Major League Baseball is a day when every team in the league has  a clean slate, they have 162 games to look forward to and they all have a shot to win the World Series.  However, only a few teams can realisitcally dream of October baseball.  One could say that the two New York Teams are two of the teams that have a realistic shot at playing in the fall classic.      

 Now as you readers will come to realize over the next few months, I am a die hard Mets fan.  I despise the Yankees, and the Sawx for that matter.  I live and die by the team from Queens during the summer.  And you will be seeing many posts on TurdPress about the Mets over the next few months.  If you have a problem with that, if you don’t like baseball, or if you are a dirty Yankee fan…blow me, thanks. 

 For us Mets fans, we can finally wash the taste of last year’s collapse out of our collective mouth.  We landed an Ace in Johan Santana, Reyes and Wright are another year older, wiser, and more mature.  Pedro is healthy and won’t have the pressure of being our number 1 guy.  Beltran is gonna be Beltran, 30 HR’s and 100 RBI’s and a gold glove caliber center field.  Maine and Perez, both 15 game winners last year, will both be one slot down in the rotation, taking pressure off of them.  And everything past these facts is a big toss up.  Delgado’s ability to produce, the overall health of the team, production from the catcher and corner outfielders, and our bench.  However, no one can deny we have the best pitching in the National League, an outstanding offensive lineup (injuries pending) and we should steamroll our way to the Division title. 

As for the Jankees as mi Cubano gente calls them, ALOT of questions there.  New manager, two kids in the rotation, Pettite hurt and still coming off the steroid fiasco, Joba Chamberlain, who was stellar in 18 games last season must now be the 8th inning guy for a whole year plus Rivera is no spring chicken….all this on top of a rapidly aging lineup.  This could prove for a bad year (by their standards) for the Yankees.  There is NO way they challenge the Sox for the Division and they must scratch and claw for the Wild Card.  I’m not gonna sit here and say they definitely won’t make the playoffs, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing the pinstripes in October. 

This being said, enjoy the season, I’ll be checking in and posting here on TurdPress over the course of the season as interesting developments take place.  And that’s the beauty of baseball season, with 162 games, you can be assured that plenty of exciting shit is gonna go down. 

 And I close by saying Let’s Go Mets, I hope the Yankees go down in flames, and for everyone reading this who’s a fan of any other team, good luck, unless you’re playing the Mets.  Mets in 08 suckaducks! 


Time Traveler

March 31, 2008

Have a tough time getting up in the morning? Nanda has the solution- an alarm clock on wheels! It beeps then rolls off your nightstand and onto the floor so you have to get outta bed to turn it off. Cop one here.

A Greater Kaws

March 30, 2008


Legendary graffiti artist and native New Jerseyan, Kaws, has re-launched where you can cop OriginalFake gear. Check out the store here.

FAT Tape of The Week, 1st Edition

March 27, 2008

Back when The Source magazine was an authoritative voice of the hip hop community and an overall dope magzine, one of my favorite features of the mag was the Fat Tape..

Source Fat Tape

It was basically a tracklist of bangers, plain and simple. 

Well we at TurdPress miss the Fat Tape and want to continue the legacy.  So every week or so we’re gonna post either a classic mixtape or a mix of handpicked joints from your resident TurdPress DJ’s.

I wanna set it off correctly for the first post of what I hope will be many. I chose what I consider the best mixtape ever, hands down.

Doo Wop - 95 Live 

“95 Live” by Doo Wop aka The Bouncemaster, who was a dope DJ/MC in the mid 90’s .  This tape starts off with a 20 minute freestyle from Q-Tip, Busta, Grand Puba, Guru, MOP, Keith Murray, and a few others, and the tape continues with cuts from Mobb Deep, Smiff N Wessun, Redman, Biggie, Pre-Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z, Nas, Boot Camp Clik, Method Man, KRS-One, ODB, Jeru, and the list goes on, you get the point…Mixed perfectly by Doo Wop with just the right amount of shout outs and mic time, he fucked around a made a classic with this.  And one last thing, although this is a full length tape, this is only part 1 of the whole tape.  Part 2 is a full length collection of straight freestyles.  I don’t have part 2 and can’t find it anywhere on the net.  If any one out there has this, holler at me in the comments section….without further bullshittin, on to the Fat Tape!

(Note: this is a .rar file.  It’s just like a zip file.  You just gotta use WinZip or WinRar to open it)

John List (1925-2008)

March 26, 2008


He died of pnumonia in jail last Friday, March 21st while serving a life sentence for killing his mother, wife and three children in his Westfield, NJ home. Things in Westfield don’t get more fucked up and nasty than that…except for when Ryan Reading pressed his turds in the high school library carpet.

Read more here…

Hold up, is this 2008 or 1995?

March 25, 2008


This shit right here, is some VINTAGE Outkast and Raekwon shit circa 1995…only it’s brand spankin new..

Even Three Stacks is kickin raps like the good old days and isn’t (too) spaced out

Just listen and enjoy the fact that there’s still artists makin real hip hop..

Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 and Raekwon – Royal Flush

link via:  We Do It Right

Def Jam’s Secrets To Success!

March 24, 2008

 With the music industry being the sad state of affairs that it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if this shit is actually true….BOSS! 

Hit up  It’s The Real for more white boy satire of black culture

Dey Know. Do You?

March 23, 2008

Go Deep

March 23, 2008

These items and the rest of the first half of 10deep’s spring 2008 line hit a couple of online retailers. Go to before you lose out.

Lay an Egg

March 23, 2008


Happy Easter from the Turdpress crew.