Tees Steez


Spring time is here, the weathers gettin warmer, almost T-shirt weather, so it’s time to step your game up.  Like Mos Def said:

“Now everybody know what the spring time is about
Players polish up they game cause the shorties be out
I was rocking jew-els and my wears was crisp
My man said there was a jam that I shuould not miss”

We got you covered here at TurdPress, so here are some choice selections from the Spring/Summer collections of some of streetwear’s heavy hitters.

Premium Label

A clusterfuck of fashion and pop culture references in this one…Gucci, Vogue, Luis, Kate Moss…and Kanye!  Dope shit from Premium Label

Cop it here: www.eastwestworldwide.com


 Now as much as I love to put somethin in the air, I tend to think pot leaves on tee shirts is kinda tacky and childish.  But this fresh spring tee from Crooks & Castles has a nice subdued leaf print on a light V-neck with clean “C” logo on the front… However, if you want to make a statement and proclaim your love of the sticky green, just turn it inside out!


Get your smoke on at www.boundlessny.com


Somewhat of a streetwear cliche, rap lyrics on shirts has gotten a bit old.  But Lemar and Dauley stick a classic Prodigy line on the back of this one and add a clever graphic on the front.  With the H.N.I.C having recently began a 3 year bid, fans can scoop this one to support the god P. 

Another one from www.eastwestworldwide.com

Jeffrizzle gave y’all the heads up on 10Deep spring last week.  I personally think the collection is hit or miss, but there are some real dope pieces and this is one of them.  Cool flip of their classic (and trademarked) brass knuckles logo on the front, and a simple yet powerful statement on the back. 

Cop at www.digitalgravel.com or any other 10deep retailer.

Blaow! Big Alife logo almost jumps off the shirt right at you.  I’m really feelin the red/white on purple colorway.  The color purple has forever been linked with royalty. 

Live like a king at www.cmonwealth.com … For the Greater Good

Mishka continues to be on some other shit… Their classic Bear/Snake “Death Adder” mascot has been given the vampire treatment and is now a mash up of a Bear, a Snake and a Bat.  A bugged out tee indeed, but this is tame compared to most of their collection.  It’s not for everyone to say the least, but they are one of the most original labels out right now. 

Scoop it at www.digitalgravel.com

So there you have it, some of my favorite tees that have dropped recently for the Spring.  Hit up all of the shops listed to cop more heat for the Springtime!


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