Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick


Haha, I love this shit right here!

Streetwear powerhouse LRG from Cali and Long Island boutique EastWestWorldWide link up on this homerun of a collabo by flipping the classic Mr. Met mascot!

The jersey says “LRG”, the bat says “EastWest” and I say I’m copping this joint!  I feel it’s my obligation both as a die hard Mets fan as well as a hypebeast…

You can only cop these at eastwestworldwide.com , so hurry before they’re going, going, gone!….sorry



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2 Responses to “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”

  1. Downs Says:

    EastWest sucks. I like your blog, but you should research who you endorse before you put your name behind them. EastWest is not a boutique. They are a shop out in Ronkonkoma that’s just a smokeshop (yeah pipes, baggies, rolling papers, bowls, etc) that happens to sell clothes. Really good accounts, but a scumbag owner who is just exploiting a trend. These guys used to sell raver clothes like UFO then turned to a hip hop shop, then got on to this new trend. They suck don’t buy clothes there. Spend your money at a real boutique that always sold clothes and not drug detox and bongs. I mean imagine DQM, Supreme, Atmos, with a smoke shop in the back. That shit is just dirty.

  2. turdpress Says:

    You could be right. To be honest, I’ve never been to the actual store, I’ve just ordered online and by phone from EastWest a few times. And I gotta say their customer service is great, so thats all the experience I have with them. I’ve never felt the need to drive 2 hours out to ronkonkoma to go to the store.

    We respect your opinion and we’ll let you voice it on the blog, but to me it seems like you have a personal grudge against the shop and its owner.

    whatever the case, all I can do is speak on my experience with EastWest, and they have never disappointed me.

    And to be perfectly honest, we here at TurdPress enjoy puttin something in the air, so a shop that sells streetwear and smoke supplies seems like a great place to us!

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